1000 London Taxis To Operate In Baku

The last shipment of 500 London Taxis has set sail from Shanghai and are due to arrive in Baku early March

by Maria Holmes | Tuesday 14 February 2012

London Taxis Shanghai to Baku
Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan is now operating The London Taxi Service with 500 purple London Taxis transforming the face of its transport network system and the remaining 500 will complete the order for 1000 vehicles placed in 2011.

Matthew Cheyne, International Market Development Director for The London Taxi Company said ‘ Baku has set high standards for its transport network system and London Taxis fit in perfectly. The London Taxi Service offers a fully trained driver in an easily recognisable vehicle with a meter so there is a transparent and consistent pricing structure for all types of passengers, something that has never been offered in Baku before’.

If you would like to find out more about the success of London Taxis in Azerbaijan and how your city could benefit from operating The London Taxi Service please contact us today - details below


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