New Mixers from Landia Enhance Management of Slurry at Yorkwold Pigpro

One of the UK’s most progressive pig production companies has completed the first phase of a major new upgrade to its slurry tanks by installing mixers made by Landia

by Paul Davies | Tuesday 28 May 2024

Serving concrete tanks manufactured by A-Consult, and steel tanks produced by Reliant Installations, a total of 14 Landia mixers have been supplied to Yorkworld Pigpro in recent years, who at any one time, have 100,000 pigs on the ground.

Landia has also been awarded a contract to service the mixers every twelve months across sites in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

“In the process of upgrading and putting up some new precast concrete slurry tanks supplied by A-Consult, it was time we also introduced some proper preventative maintenance,” said Joe Dewhirst, Group Managing Director of Yorkwold Pigpro.

“We’ve used Landia mixers previously, and they also came highly recommended by both A-Consult and Reliant Installations, so we know they will do a good job and last ten years or more if well serviced. And importantly, that in addition to the servicing, we’ll also get good back up from Landia when we need it.”

Each of the 14 Landia POP mixers are 18.5kW, designed to effectively mix slurry (with a high dry-matter content) in short intervals that keep energy consumption as low as possible.

The 14 Landia mixers that help the management of slurry are installed in seven slurry stores across a group of Yorkwold’s breeding units in the region.

“The upgrade of our tanks and mixing systems increases our capacity, and allows us to store our slurry for longer, when required,” added Joe Dewhirst.

“During the main spreading times in spring and autumn, we can run the mixers for 12 hours in advance; with a timing and control system that Landia has also developed for us. These long-lasting mixers create a very good homogenous mix, even when they run for just one hour per day.

“As well as improving our preventative maintenance, we are also monitoring our energy costs far more closely, so the control system from Landia ensures that the mixers (especially at 18.5kW) are only running when they really need to.”
For its wheat, barley and hybrid rye production, that are part of the Dewhirst Farming Group with E.Reed & Son, the homogenised slurry significantly reduces the use of costly fertiliser, boosting crop production by adding much-need nitrogen, especially in the spring.

“Overall,” continued Joe Dewhirst, “the Landia mixers play a very important part in improving our slurry management, and the equally good partnerships we have with A-Consult, and Reliant Installations means we have the best of both worlds.”

Yorkwold Pigpro has a closed breeding pyramid that produces all its own replacement breeding stock. Continuous improvement of its practices and facilities ensures that conditions on its farms are of the highest standard; creating a working environment that is great for its people, that in turn, allows them to take great care of the 190,000 pigs that are produced per year.


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