Landia Aerate The Holiday Park

Following three years of successful service by Landia aeration units at one of the UK’s most popular holiday parks ...

by Paul Davies | Tuesday 19 July 2022

A leading water and wastewater asset management company has introduced an additional Landia unit to one of its customer’s other sought-after destinations.

As well as for the holiday parks it works with, the asset management company has also brought in Landia’s aeration equipment to serve customers in the food and beverage industries, including a dairy in the south west and a drinks manufacturer in Yorkshire.

The Landia AirJets, which mix and aerate wastewater in balance tanks, include the Landia Chopper Pump (invented by the company in 1950) and a venturi nozzle, which together can either reduce or eliminate the need for high-energy use blowers.

This latest order follows Landia’s successful work with Viridian Systems, where at a landfill’s leachate treatment centre, a new mixer has created annual savings on chemicals of around £85,000 ($101,000)


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