UltraScape From Instarmac Paves The Greenest City In Europe

Instarmac International’s Swedish partner, Pekuma, have supplied world renowned UltraScape flowpoint to joint 300sqm of paving at Växjö’s newly refurbished bus station and city hall

by Sarah Smith | Thursday 9 June 2022

In the station area, along Norra Järnvägsgatan, is Växjö’s brand new station and municipal building. The old town hall now boasts a better working environment for its 600 employees and a 1,850sqm station which includes waiting area, shops and restaurants.

Växjö’s beautiful new town hall has been designed to the highest environmental standards and is fondly known as the ‘greenest city in Europe’.

The Challenge

As part of this exciting project, 300sqm of cobblestones and concrete slabs were installed directly outside the entrance to City Hall to create walkways for pedestrians and stop/start sections for buses.

It was imperative that the jointing material used to grout the 100 x 100mm cobblestones and 210 x 210mm concrete slabs would not only fit in with the aesthetic of the newly refurbished building, but would also provide a durable finish that could withstand the constant trafficking from pedestrians and vehicles.

The Solution

Instarmac International’s Swedish partner Pekuma, supplied UltraScape flowpoint to Skanska, the contractors working on this project.

UltraScape flowpoint smooth is a flowable grout which allows for large areas of paving to be grouted quickly. Suitable for joints from 3mm to 50mm and as deep as 200mm, flowpoint smooth has been developed over a number of years to provide a durable finish which will not crack or stain.

With an initial set after just 15 minutes, and a walk on time of one hour, it is unsurprising that flowpoint smooth has become synonymous with fast application, cost-effective and robust jointing.

UltraScape flowpoint is available in four varieties – original, eco, smooth and fine – and two colours – Natural Grey and Charcoal. UltraScape have jointing solutions for all designs and tastes.


The project was completed on time with residents, visitors and employees of City Hall now enjoying the beautiful new station and town hall.

UltraScape flowpoint is available throughout Sweden through Pekuma. To contact them, please call +46 (0)370 - 472 00 or email info@pekuma.se.


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