Proteus EV 6kA And 16kA Distribution Boards

As the demand for EV charging within domestic installations becomes ever more popular, choosing the correct protection for your charge point is crucial in providing a safe and effective environment

by Spencer Yates | Tuesday 10 May 2022

From simple EV distribution to fully integrated Consumer Units featuring PME fault detection, the Proteus Switchgear range of EV distribution is the complete offering.

The first option is a 6kA rated unit – in this application, supply to the EV Charge Point is taken directly from the main consumer unit within the home, through our EV distribution board with PME fault detection and on to the Charge Point. Our 6kA rated EV distribution board would be suitable with a double pole RCBO incomer.

Alternatively, if your installation requires your EV Charge Point supply to be taken from the meter cupboard terminals, then the EV Distribution Board must meet BS61439- 3 Annex ZB – 16kA Short Circuit rating. In this application, our 16kA rated EV Distribution Board would be required with a double pole isolator at front of the unit.

Additionally, each of these applications have a metal clad or IP65-rated choice of enclosure. The Proteus EV range is exclusively available to CEF – both in-store and online, offering a wide variety of domestic EV products, including bespoke solutions.


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