Pioneering AI UK Health Technology Set For Stateside Success

British technology could help healthcare systems save millions in costs associated with missed, late and cancelled appointments is set for stateside success following a trade mission to Texas

by Julia Price | Thursday 21 April 2022

ABHI Texas Trade Mission Delegation
Manchester-based Trusted Solutions Group (TSG) was one of 30 UK innovators to take part in the first major US trade mission organised by the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) – as part of its flagship US Accelerator programme – since the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim to de-risk entry into one of the world’s biggest HealthTech markets.

TSG is being supported by the ABHI in their mission to introduce their pioneering AI-driven technology to health systems in the US.

The company’s cloud-based digital platform Endeavour presents a one-of-its-kind technology that optimises patient transfer services, helping healthcare organisations to efficiently manage and transfer patients in, out, around and through the whole of the healthcare system. The unique solution allows the whole patient transport process to be managed digitally and seamlessly, helping organisations to improve flow and reduce the number of missed appointments, reduce costs and streamline services.

In the US, over 3.6m appointments are missed annually due to lack of access to adequate or appropriate on-time transportation. The annual cost to the US healthcare system is $150bn.

Sitting between those who wish to procure services and service providers, at the heart of the technology is a booking and resource management tool that uses AI, machine learning and smart technologies to match individual patient need with available resource in real-time. The technology has potential to help providers to significantly improve their services.

Abe Elkinson Founder & CEO commented: “After an amazing week in Texas meeting leaders from within the healthcare system and finding out about the pains and inefficiencies, TSG has agreed to collaborate with a number of organisations to validate the Endeavour platform within various environments. In time, the vision is to provide local, regional and national connectivity. We see the US as an important and major market for TSG. The synergy between the day-to-day system and process challenges that the US Healthcare System face and how our Endeavour technology platform mitigates them is exceptional!”

The mismatching of medical professionals and patient’s needs, missed, late or cancelled appointments, are known to result in a huge amount of wastage, poor patient experience, poor patient outcome, and cost the UK healthcare system in excess of £1bn a year.

In the UK, TSG’s novel technology responds to an existing NHS need to efficiently transport patients, helping to significantly reduce costs, wasted resource and delays.

Following a successful visit to the second largest state in the US, the company is now set to translate these benefits to the US healthcare market, helping providers to solve the inefficiencies and communication failures that put patients and medical professionals at risk.

By using smart technology and AI modules, TSG’s technology is uniquely capable of matching the most suitable resource available to the individual patient, in real-time, taking into consideration the patient’s current and presenting conditions, any underlying conditions, their mobility and if any specific additional equipment or resource is needed, as well as matching the medical professional’s training, experience and skillset to their individual need. It enables the entire process to be optimised at every stage, while also reducing the carbon footprint.

With the head office in Manchester in the North West of the UK, TSG now plans to open a US office this year.

The company is being supported with their US strategy by the ABHI as a member of the 2022 ABHI US Accelerator programme. The programme, which is delivered in partnership with Dell Medical School in Texas, aims to support HealthTech companies to de-risk market entry into the US market.


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