Ervin Introduces AMAPURE - A Mineral Additive To Clean Metallic Abrasives

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by Paul Abram | Monday 6 December 2021

Paul Abram, Head of Technical Services for Europe said “An abrasive operating mix contaminated with grease and oil will not only increase blasting operating costs, but can also reduce the productivity of the operation and adversely affect the coating performance on the blasted work piece.”

Unwanted oil and grease can enter the blasting process in many ways, but once present in the blasting system, it will contaminate the abrasive operating mix, which will then result in the oil and grease spreading to all work pieces. Typically, this reduces the cleanliness and brightness of the blasted parts and the suitability of the surface for coatings.

Additionally, contaminated operating mix often causes particles to stick together, which can cause filters to block, reducing the efficiency of the air wash separator and filtration system. A poorly separated operating mix will lead to an increase in fine sizes which can cause reduced cleaning efficiency, incorrect surface profile, increased wear and higher operating costs. If oily waste enters the filter system, there is also the increased risk of fire and reduced filter life.

An operating mix in need of purifying will leave tell-tale signs including poor filter performance; early coating failure; fine operating mix; stuck particles; excessive dust on blasted surfaces; poor surface tension or water test results on work pieces and operating mix. Amapure binds with oil and grease and is then removed from the operating mix at the airwash separator, permanently removing the oil and grease from the blasting operation.

After introducing Amapure to the operating mix, the blasting efficiency and results will return to optimum levels and work pieces will once again be clean and bright. Filter life will improve and risks of fire decrease as will the blasting operation costs.

Amapure can either be used as a regular addition to the blasting machine, or for a one-time cleaning of a contaminated operating mix. Amapure in combination with Ervin abrasives is the ideal blasting solution.

While Amapure can add value to almost any blasting operation, it is particularly well suited to automatic wheel blast machines and air blast systems. Customers who are blasting to desand, descale and debur, or who are preparing surfaces for coatings or peening work pieces. This makes Amapure a product of interest to a wide variety of industries including Foundry and Forge; Metallurgy; Transportation; Energy; Construction; and Fabrication.

“Initial response to Amapure from a selection of customers who have tested it in their blasting operations has been very positive” commented Paul Abram. “Our sales team are now taking pre-orders from customers all over Europe ready for deliveries in the first quarter of 2022.”


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