The Best Forklift Truck Attachment For Your Plastic L Ring Drums

Plastic L-Ring drums, also called tight head or closed head drums, are heavy-duty drums manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic

by Andy Bow | Friday 12 November 2021


The drums usually have bung holes, smooth sides and a moulded top with an ‘L’ shaped rim, and are used for the bulk storage and transportation of water, food, hazardous chemicals, oils, adhesives, lubricants, toiletries and many other liquids.

Handling Plastic L Ring drums

Plastic L Ring drums are robust and can withstand heavy handling and rolling, but for efficiency and to ensure manual handling guidelines are followed you will find it easy to lift this type of drum using standard Grab-O-Matic rim grip forklift truck attachments. For single or double drum handling you can use the standard HD-1 gripping head. For very heavy drums, use our twin head gripping attachment HD-4 to spread the load on the rim.

L-Ring drums can also be lifted and handled using other Grab-O-Matic systems, including:

• Drum Handling Rotators
• Pedestrian Drum Handlers
• alternative drum handling solutions
• Liftomatic drum handling attachments

Versatile and safe forklift attachments

All St Clare Engineering products are designed with safety and efficiency in mind. Our gripper heads are interchangeable, so if you use a mix of drum types you can quickly change the grab or gripper head as needed. Our L Ring drum handling gripper heads can also be used with our innovative Quick Release System, allowing the forklift truck driver to remain in the cab instead of securing the drum grabs to the forks by hand.

Handle your L Ring drums quickly, safely and efficiently with the Grab-O-Matic range of drum handling equipment from St Clare Engineering.


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