Powerful Long Range 365nm LED UV Search Flashlight From ACO Electronics

ACO Electronics announce the release of the UV-Tracer 2000, a class leading long range UV Searchlight, with an intense low divergence beam suitable for all modes of ultraviolet inspection

by Peter Williams | Thursday 23 September 2021

With a beam intensity and quality comparable to much more expensive systems, the UV-Tracer 2000 can be used for the long-distance detection of security trace markings (SelectaDNA, Smartwater), for forensic searches at scenes of crime, and for many other applications where a narrow pure UV beam is needed. The UV-Tracer 2000 is also a convenient lightweight tool for leak detection with a workable range that allows use at long distance from the component under investigation.

For convenience the UV-Tracer 2000 has an in-built battery charger so may be recharged from any suitable type A USB outlet, in car or mains powered, but is also supplied with a spare battery for continuing use on prolonged operations.

Supplied in a military standard MOLLE pouch, the UV-Tracer 2000 comes with 2 pieces of Li-Ion type 18650 battery, a single unit battery charger with mains wall outlet, all connecting cables, and a belt holster.


• Long distance super uniform beam with no dark spot
• Peak wavelength 365nm
• Very High intensity 72,000µW/cm2 at 15cm > 30,000µW/cm2 at 38cm from front window
• Nichia (Japan) LED source
• Special blocking window stops all visible emission
• 20,000 hours + lifetime


Peter Williams
ACO Electronics Limited
+44 1223 208 222

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