LOBO Systems Breaks New Ground With Wind Turbine Company

The orbital milling process at Enerpac creates safety challenges that are not always easy to overcome

by Robert Bokros | Monday 30 August 2021

Assessment of the risk from working at height should be organised and a plan developed to ensure work is carried out safely. The LOBO Advanced Platform System solves the access problem created by in situation manufacturing.

The adjustable system allows operators to safely access important parts of the machine when installing or producing wind turbine rotor blades. LOBO, due to its modular design and fully adjustable components can be quickly assembled into any shape or size without the need for any tools.

Here is why Enerpac uses LOBO: “We selected LOBO over a costly fabricated system that was never quite right and had to be fitted to suit on-site. LOBO was easy to assemble and adjust and it was far less expensive. Also, ease of transportation was a major factor in choosing LOBO as the whole milling system is now far more portable. The training was very extensive and easy to understand which resulted in a much quicker and easy to adjust install on the rig. Great kit!”


Robert Bokros
Lobo Systems Ltd
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