The Titanium Series - A Versatile Line Of VDS Equipment For Mesh Deblinding

For over 35 years, Russell Finex has supplied proven deblinding technology in the form of its Vibrasonic® Deblinding System (VDS)

by Jon Sasiain | Monday 16 August 2021

Based on industry demands and continually-improving R&D, the new Titanium Series offers improved power consumption and deblinding performance, eliminating mesh blinding and blockages during any fine powder screening.

The improved VDS works by applying an ultrasonic frequency to the sieve mesh. The vibrations produced by the frequency break down surface tension to provide frictionless screening. This prevents particles slightly greater or smaller than the aperture from binding or blocking the screen mesh.

Blockages and mesh blinding can often pose a challenge for numerous production lines in manufacturing. Russell Vibrasonic® systems increases thoughput rates while improving product quality. Moreover, eliminating blinding and blockages also increases the longevity of mesh screens for better durability and reliability while screening.

This new range of VDS equipment is easy to integrate into existing production lines, utilizing innovative technology to increase the reliability and consistency of production screening. The integration of the new Titanium series will help to safeguard product quality, while improving productivity.

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