FiltaMask Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask From Intersurgical

The FiltaMask medium concentration oxygen mask combines an oxygen delivery system with a filter media covering the exhalation ports

by Lucy Nolan | Friday 13 August 2021

FiltaMask is intended for use on adult patients with respiratory infections who may be a source of aerosolised infectious pathogens and who also require supplementary oxygen.

Patients with respiratory infections have specific needs and yet pose a specific risk. Conventional oxygen masks can generate a plume of particles from their exhalation ports, which can travel a distance of 0.4 metres[1] [2] resulting in a potential risk.

The FiltaMask is designed to reduce the risk to paramedics, hospital staff and visitors[3].

Features and benefits include:

- Incurved face seal providing improved level of fit and comfort
- On-chin positioning providing a better fit to a wider range of face shapes
- Low elastic position eliminating trauma to the patient's ears
- Integral filter media reducing the risk of escaping aerosols

An information sheet for the FiltaMask and the oxygen therapy training video can be found on the product pages of our website, and the product is part of the Infection Control range of options which may be used to help reduce the risk of cross contamination between patients and health care workers in the clinical environment.

Visit our website to view the full range:

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