Lucas Is The Oldest Continually Trading Automotive Brand In The World

Throughout automotive history Lucas has been at the forefront of component manufacture and supply for both OE and the aftermarket

by Richard Pigg | Thursday 10 June 2021

In the second half of the 20th century, you would have been hard pressed to find a vehicle on the road that didn’t have some Lucas OE content, for electrical, diesel and braking. Many Lucas designed products are still used on new vehicles manufactured now.

For Lucas, heritage is vital, as it is what sets them apart from others. Hard won experience of innovating and providing quality parts that are durable and reliable, straight out of the box.

Together with Lucas, Britpart is celebrating that heritage with a new range of classic parts specifically designed for restorers, workshops and consumers who want to keep their classic vehicles faithful to the original by fitting Lucas parts developed, tested and engineered to the original specification.

Lucas Classic parts are often reproduced from original tooling, re-manufactured and re-engineered by trained experts following original Lucas product manuals and technical drawings.

The new Lucas Classic range focusses initially on three of the most enduring British vehicle types that are popular with both enthusiasts and restorers, Jaguar, Land Rover and Classic Motorcycles.

Britpart are proud to be in cooperation with Lucas to bring Classic Land Rover owners the Lucas Classic range. The range comes in distinctive new packs that are evocative of the original period parts.

You can see the latest Lucas range at


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