LOBO Advanced Platform Increases Safety And Reduces Cost For UK Ministry Of Defence

On ship maintenance throughout the Maritime sector is optimised using the LOBO System

by Robert Bokros | Monday 7 June 2021

The two new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth, and HMS Prince of Wales have been supplied with a LOBO System to assist with the on ship maintenance program. Thales Group engineers consider LOBO to be the best solution for awkward access, deep inside the ship.

The LOBO System is a work platform scaffold product that combines the flexibility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of tower systems but is much more versatile, and no assembly tools are required. It can be made into any shape or size and is perfect for maintenance and production applications.

The LOBO System flat packs for transportation & is easy & quick to erect, versatile and strong. Options include an integrated sliding lifting beam and the TowerStore, a secure storage unit.

Maintenance crews can assemble the system quickly and safely around, under or above machinery, aircraft, desks or conveyors and specifically in restricted areas. Your maintenance tasks can be better controlled and outsourced scaffolding labour costs can be reduced without compromising safety.

As storage space is at a premium and with LOBO’s suitability for confined space, the flat-pack design ensures, it is the best product fit for these applications. Mechanical power transmission for the QEC carriers has been provided by DB Santasolo and LOBO has been chosen as a platform system of choice to assist with the maintenance program.

LOBO CEO Robert Bokros comments: “It’s a proud moment knowing that the LOBO System is being used at sea by the Royal Navy, and I know my entire team is very excited by this news. We have already supplied the US Navy and Department of Defence and we know there is a fit for our product in this sector, UK and abroad.”


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