Easy Maintenance For Aqua Tank Shower With New GRP Inspection Ladders

Aqua Safety Showers have introduced inspection ladders as an optional extra for their emergency tank shower range

by Ryan Dickinson | Monday 19 April 2021

Constructed from heavy-duty GRP, these ladders make it quick and easy to inspect the header tank and ball float valves. The ladders can be installed to the left, right or rear of the safety shower.

Constructed from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), these ladders are corrosion resistant and extremely heavy-duty; outperforming traditional materials such as wood or steel.

Also fitted with anti-slip rubber feet and a caged ladder area for extra safety and peace of mind. The ladders are manufactured in the UK to the BS EN 131 standard.”


Janet Waine
Aqua Safety Showers International Ltd
+44 1942 318096

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