Aqua Safety Showers Have Been Named As South West Water Nominated Supplier Of Emergency Safety Showers

South West Water (SWW) provides drinking water and wastewater services throughout Devon and Cornwall

by Ryan Dickinson | Tuesday 13 April 2021

They also serve small areas of Dorset and Somerset. SWW and Aqua Safety Showers have worked closely to develop a range of bespoke safety showers that meet all safety and technical standards.

“We are delighted to have been named as nominated supplier for South West Water” said Janet Waine, Managing Director at Aqua. “We supply to many other water authorities in the UK and abroad; so we have a good idea of what requirements these sites have.”

Various chemicals used in the water treatment process can be extremely hazardous to workers’ health. The plants are often located in very remote areas that do not have access to a mains water supply, which makes Aqua’s 1500L Tank Shower the perfect solution.

“Tank showers are our bread and butter” continued Janet. “While we hope they are never needed, it is essential that they are always ready in case of an emergency. We only use corrosion-resistant materials, which ensures that these lifesaving units will stand the test of time.”

Aqua Tank Showers meet and exceed the ANSI Z358.1 standard, which stipulates that safety showers deliver 15 minutes of tepid water at the correct flow rate and pattern. The guidelines also state that safety showers should be located no further than 15 meters away from a potential hazard.


Janet Waine
Aqua Safety Showers International Ltd
+44 1942 318096

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