Duoflow Bi-Lumen Anaesthetic Breathing System From Intersurgical

The DuoFlow™ bi-lumen breathing system is a single 22mm limb system that includes an inspiratory and expiratory gas pathway

by Kirsty Nolan | Thursday 18 February 2021

DuoFlow bi-lumen breathing system
The internally moulded inner septum creates a gas tight division and allows transfer of heat between the inspired and expired gases, optimising the warmth and humidity of the gas. The design means that exposure to the ambient air temperature is minimised and further minimises the cooling of gases, reducing condensate in the system.

The single limb design decreases the weight of the system when compared with a traditional “Y” piece and therefore reduces potential pull or torsion placed upon the patient’s airway connection.

The DuoFlow breathing system is non-PVC and DEHP free. In addition, the single limb design reduces material content and subsequent waste, which substantially reduces the overall impact upon the environment.

A poster outlining the necessary pre-use checks using our leak tester on the DuoFlow™ bi-lumen anaesthetic breathing system is now available to download on our website product page.

For more information, please visit: DuoFlow™ bi-lumen breathing system at (https://tinyurl.com/5avwb7um)


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