Huge Stock Investment for Leading Site Machinery Business

Morris Site Machinery has announced a £4 million investment in stock of Denyo generator and ArcGen welder brands - much sought after and affordable Stage IIIA compliant equipment

by Claire Brown | Monday 25 January 2021

The £2.5 million stock of Denyo generators includes Renta 20’s, Renta 37’s, Eventa 37’s and the £1.5 million stock of ArcGen welders includes 200SSD’s, 400CC/CV’s and 500CC/CV’s all of which are now available for immediate delivery, backed by the professional, friendly support of the dedicated MSM customer service team at Four Ashes.

With its 70-year heritage of reliability, Denyo generators are recognised for their stand out performance. The instantly recognisable purple Renta generators offer around 14-16 hours of continuous run time and are super silent with lockable fuel caps, multiple transportation options and a choice of sockets. The robust pink Eventa 37 offers a full 25 hour run time.

Denyo is a thoroughbred within its marketplace and ensures reliability and efficiency with the lowest possible noise output. The Renta 20, for example, is super silent at just 60dB(A) at 7m, essential in meeting stringent health and safety site standards.

The new ArcGen Welder stock includes the ever popular ArcGen Multi Process 500 CC/CV welder which features a brand new 2021 special offer – available on a first come first served basis until March 2021. Richard Denholm, Sales Director at Morris Site Machinery commented:

“I am thrilled to have such a compelling deal on these incredible powerhouses. They genuinely are a multi-purpose site essential: big on welding power, with the mig wire feeder and 500-amp heavy duty stick welding capability, but equally big on generator power too, with the 15kVA 3 phase capable of powering inverters and plasma cutters. Underpin these credentials with the undisputed pedigree of the ArcGen brand name, and this really is a cracking offer to take advantage of in advance of the expected market-wide Stage V price hike”.


Richard Denholm
Morris Site Machinery
+44 7872 818267

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