Heads Up On Revolutionary New Way To Monitor High Body Temperature

Visual Temperature Indicator disc applied to forehead uses technology powered by wearer’s body temperature to change colour

by John Hill | Friday 22 January 2021

British firm launches product following successful trials in social care sector as country seeks to return to work post-Covid in 2021

Discs set to be used in care homes to help monitor elderly residents ahead of first vaccine deliveries before Christmas

A revolutionary adhesive disc applied to the forehead which changes colour if the wearer develops a high temperature is set to radically change one of the most basic methods of checking for illness.

The new, innovative Visual Temperature Indicator (VTi) turns from a green cross symbol for a normal body temperature of around 37° to reveal a red cross symbol to indicate 38° or higher - providing an easy and accurate way to monitor for symptoms of coronavirus, flu and other conditions.

The VTi disc - which changes colour in under five seconds after detecting a heat change - is the result of intensive investment, research and development by a UK firm, and uses thermoreactive technology where colour accurately indicates the wearer’s body temperature.

The new product has been trialled for the last three months in care settings in the north of England, and staff have praised it for helping them monitor and respond to illnesses quickly and from a safe distance, enhancing delivery of care quality.

And now it’s set to be used in care homes to monitor elderly patients ahead of the first roll-out of vaccines before Christmas.

Marie Robson, head of care at Elan Care Whitethorn, a home health care service based in Hartlepool, County Durham, said the VTi has proven itself to be effective for monitoring temperature on a large scale for both staff and clients - especially in supporting those who may not otherwise be able to fully communicate their symptoms.

She said: “The VTi has shown its worth in protecting our community. It makes the complicated task of large-scale temperature health monitoring simple and that is very helpful in care. The camaraderie and everyone looking out for each other has been wonderful.”

Her colleague, senior team member Trina Robinson, added: “It’s a brilliant early indication tool. A colleague pointed out my VTi was red and we confirmed my temperature was high with secondary healthcare checks.

“Within 10 minutes I left the site to follow guidelines and visited the doctor who diagnosed an ear infection, and thankfully nothing more serious. It means the VTi disc effectively buys ‘Golden Time’ which is vital to us.”

As the UK increasingly looks for a return to work in some form in 2021, the company says the new technology can provide a powerful message to staff and clients of commitment to their safety.

John Hill, VTi director, said the benefits are wide ranging, especially in settings where the health of others is a priority: “A high temperature is the first symptom of many underlying health conditions, and the VTi disc can change forever the landscape across healthcare by making temperature change detectable the moment it happens.

“It offers an extra layer of protection not seen before while still enabling social distancing - keeping people safe in the knowledge that any changes can be picked up immediately is of benefit to everyone.

“And with the urgency to return to some sort of normal in 2021, the VTi disc means everybody in the workplace becomes a temperature welfare officer, minimising staffing and equipment cost for temperature screening.

“We will be using the VTi discs to help monitor patients ahead of the first wave of vaccines later in December.”

Traditionally temperature is taken by a thermometer requiring intimate interaction and normally only after an individual has developed an illness, which at times such as we are currently living through have serious implications, particularly because of the increasing prevalence of, and exposure to, coronavirus.

The VTi offers instant and continuous monitoring and warns of a high temperature symptom developing, alerting the wearer and those surrounding them to their increased body temperature - one of four key vital signs of determining the state of an individual’s health.
The importance of social distancing and isolation is paramount during these challenging times and early intervention is key when looking to minimise the spread of infections. The greater the levels of intimacy between patients, carers, nurses, doctors, work colleagues and families, the greater the risk of viral infections spreading and the VTi can help to reduce that risk.

John Hill, VTi director, added: “The global short and long term effects of social distancing are incalculable medically, socially, culturally and financially. Amongst the solutions that will be discussed, debated and sought on the return to ‘normality’, will be scientific ones.

“The VTi disc is an essential, technological game-changing breakthrough that is both easy to wear and understand.”

“The VTi simplifies a complicated, repetitive and time-consuming task offering efficiencies not seen before, empowering a wearer or carer to monitor body temperature 24/7. The benefits are enormous, for both the medical profession and the general public.”


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