Abril Industrial Waxes Launches A New Amide Ester Wax For Plastics

Abril 7731 is a new type of amide wax that has found excellent use in plastic masterbatching and compounding applications

by Darren Jones | Monday 28 December 2020

Early studies show it improves the rheological properties during processing, resulting in lower power requirements. The relatively low melting point results in rapid and thorough dispersion of colour pigments, flame retardants, fibre reinforcements and other additives in thermoplastic compounds.

Improved cycle times and product consistency contribute directly to the cost effectiveness and quality assurance of the compounding process.

ABRIL 7731 is very easily emulsified in hot water, without the need for high shear stress, in the presence of a suitable surfactant. Depending on the formulation, surfactant used and process details, the characteristics of the emulsion may be varied from a mobile liquid to soft creamy pastes.

Applications include polish and cosmetics.


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