Benefit From The Updated STD 40K 45G Mobile Safety Shower

Ensuring you have the right emergency safety equipment can be challenging, especially if your site does not have easy access to a clean potable water supply

by Wendy Baker | Monday 14 December 2020

STD 40K 45G Mobile Safety Shower
Water pressure can also be an issue for a lot of sites.

For a lot of locations, portable emergency safety showers and face/eyewash stations are essential. If installation measures for a plumbed in unit cannot be met, portable equipment can provide immediate access, guaranteeing worker safety.

The flexible nature of mobile safety showers makes them applicable to a wide range of applications and industries and with the new look 40K range, there’s even more flexibility. Insulated or heated soft polyester outer jackets can quickly turn a standard STD-40K/45G into an outdoor version to protect it from cold ambient climates.

What are the benefits of these mobile units?

• The STD-40K range provides proximity response within 10 seconds of a hazard. This offers rapid access for casualties, which is proven to help reduce serious injury and damage to eyesight.
• Delivering water at 76 litres (20 gallons) per minute, for full decontamination.
• Designed to be easy to set up, the plastic-lined cylinder is charged with pressure and only requires the connection of a hose from a water main to fill it ready for use. (Watch the video on our website for a step by step guide on how to refill your unit.)
• Its compact design allows it to be stored easily when not in use, and the stainless-steel frame and large tyres ensure that the cylinder can be freely moved and manoeuvred as required, by just one person.
• The covered eye/face wash protects the bowl and diffusers against dust and debris and is easy to activate by lifting the lid.
• The optional soft polyester outer jackets are retrofittable. Available insulated (for minimum ambient temperatures of -5C) or heated (for minimum ambient temperatures of -20C) to protect the water in the cylinder from freezing in cold ambient temperatures. Velcro fastenings ensure they are easy to fit and remove to adapt the unit to fit the weather conditions.

Industries that use portable units

With the construction industry it’s important for safety equipment to be adaptable to meet the implementation of new building methods or infrastructure processes. As new hazards transpire or complications arise, the workplace needs to evolve quickly and efficiently to ensure the safety of workers. The mobile range is popular with this industry as the unit can be moved closer to a hazard with ease.

Water utilities
Hydrofluoric acid, Sodium Hypochlorite, Calcium Hypochlorite and similar chemicals used in water treatment processes can be extremely hazardous to workers. Chemicals can be absorbed through the skin from contact with wastewater or sludge. To prevent further injury, safety showers need to be placed within 15 metres of a potential hazard. Where stationary units are unsuitable, mobile units can be placed next to the hazard to provide a rapid means of access to decontamination in the event of a spill or splash.

Distribution centres can contain a variety of chemical hazards, from the storing and delivery of harmful substances to cleaning chemicals and vehicle fuel for forklifts.

Logistics centres often struggle to access a water supply in areas where safety showers are required. Ideal for the fast-paced moveable nature of the fulfilment industry, the flexibility of moving a mobile unit from indoor to outdoor with the addition of a heated or insulated jacket is perfect for this application.

Vape liquid Manufacturing
Material safety data sheets (MSDS) for nicotine found in vape liquid manufacturing list irritation as symptoms of skin or eye contact. If absorption of nicotine through the skin occurs, symptoms can be like those of inhalation or ingestion such as nausea, a sore throat or dizziness.

In the event of an accidental spill or splash workers should remove contaminated clothing and rinse skin thoroughly with water. If nicotine gets in the eyes, they should immediately be flushed with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.

Mine workers are exposed to many chemical risks on a daily basis. The most common chemical-related injuries reported in the industry are burns caused by acids and alkalis.

To ensure spills of these substances are flushed from the skin and eyes rapidly to minimise injury, emergency safety showers and eye/face wash equipment must be located within 10 seconds of a hazard. However, if a chemical is considered particularly dangerous, the equipment should be placed immediately adjacent to the hazard. The mobile range ensures this level of proximity on such remote sites.

Automotive industry
Chemical hazards are present at every stage of vehicle production. With a large workforce, the risk of a chemical spill or splash is therefore high in automotive manufacturing plants.

It is essential that employees who are exposed to hazardous substances have access to appropriate safety showers and eye/face wash equipment.

A standby solution
It’s clear to see that the features of these mobile units are beneficial for many and varied industries, climates and environments.

It’s important to note that they are designed to be a supplementary unit to permanent plumbed-in safety showers as they cannot provide the EN and ANSI required 15 minutes of potable water.

View our full range of indoor and outdoor showers to find a fully compliant shower to pair with the more flexible STD-40K/45G.

Find out more about the new-look range or request a quote now.

For temporary use

The STD-40K/45G is also available to hire to cover you during annual maintenance, a short time project or unexpected downtime of your permanent safety showers.


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