Power Sonic Launches Enhanced Medical Cart Battery And ION Cells To Lithium Offering

Also launching new Auxiliary Car battery line

by Christine Talbot | Thursday 20 August 2020

Power Sonic is proud to announce the addition of the PSL-12500 and a full range of lithium cells to our lithium family, and vehicle auxiliary batteries as a highly economic drop-in replacement for OEM batteries. These new products enhance our comprehensive portfolio of lithium and a new introduction to the automotive sector.

The PSL-12500 fits the same footprint of the PSL-12450E and is backwards compatible with existing PSL-12450E applications. The PSL-12500 is lighter in weight and has a higher capacity. In addition to the weight savings and increased capacity, the PSL-12500 also features enhanced circuitry design to lower the board temperature and increase reliability, the addition of pre-charge circuitry for increased compatibility with power supplies, and improved protection of reverse-charging.

Lithium Cells are new to the Power Sonic Lithium (PSL) family and feature a stocking position on 7 of the most popular cells with additional offerings available. The portfolio includes a mix of prismatic and cylindrical cells, and power and energy cells. As the building blocks to lithium batteries, these rechargeable lithium cells can also be used standalone in applications where smaller capacities and voltages are required.

Auxiliary (AUX) batteries are used in vehicles with ECO mode functionality. They are used as back-up power when the vehicle comes to a stop and the engine shuts off as an economy saving feature. The AUX batteries then power the comfort features - including air conditioning/heating, power seats and windows, and other electric components inside the vehicle. The AUX batteries are designed to provide a constant discharge for the auxiliary demand protecting the starter battery designed for high rate cranking amps to start the engine. The AUX batteries from Power Sonic serve a large majority of the market and will provide a welcome relief from the expensive OEM alternatives.

These new product launches expand Power Sonic's product offering and align Power Sonic as a well-rounded battery company by offering comprehensive and inclusive product families to meet the market's needs. If you have any questions about these new products, or any Power Sonic products, please contact us and one of our expert Application Engineers will be happy to help you.

About Power Sonic:
Power Sonic are a leading force within the battery industry. From their inception in 1970 their focus has been the design, manufacture and distribution of reliable and innovative battery solutions. Their battery solutions are used worldwide for a broad range of electronic and industrial applications, their key markets include life safety, medical, utilities and infrastructure, powersports and industrial automation.

Their range of battery solutions includes sealed lead acid and lithium technologies, chargers and related accessories. As well as supplying one of the industry's most comprehensive portfolios of battery solutions they also provide flexible, intelligent and cutting-edge energy storage solutions for smarter energy management.

Power Sonic employ over 1,200 people worldwide with corporate headquarters in the USA with major operations in UK, France, Mexico and The Netherlands.


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