Whitehouse Flexible Tubing Prewired Conduit Assemblies

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by John Whitehouse | Wednesday 15 July 2020

Whitehouse Flexible Tubing Prewired Conduit Assemblies
We will soon be introducing a new feature on our website that will enable customers to assemble their pre-wired conduit assemblies online and submit their enquiries for quotation.

In much of the Construction Industry our customers are increasingly interested in a Flexible Conduit that can be supplied prewired with the desired cabling.
Our new Prewired Assembly feature will allow customers to design their own assemblies using the standard range of Conduit, which can be prewired with a comprehensive Selection of Cabling.

Prewired Flexible Conduit Assemblies

* Home Runs
* Drop Down / Link Cabling
* Lighting - Multi Core Cabling
* Power - Multi Core Cabling
* Multi Media - Cabling

Choose from a comprehensive range of 3 Core & Beldon Cabling options

For reference see https://www.flexible-tubing.com/pre-wired-conduit-systems


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