ABS Type Approval Of Cygnus Hatch Sure Successfully Renewed For Another 5 Years

When issuing Type Approval for a product, the American Bureau of Shipping requires a valid Product Design Assessment, from the ABS Technical Division

by Hanna McGuinness | Wednesday 27 May 2020

American Bureau of Shipping also requires a valid Manufacturing Assessment, involving annual surveillance visits. Both need renewing every 5 years, along with ABS carrying out the audits each year.

After a 9 month review period, the Cygnus Hatch Sure design passed its renewal in Feb 2019 – without any engineering changes required. And thanks to Cygnus Operations’ good controls and compliance to standards, we passed our Manufacturing Assessment renewal in Jul 2019 – once again, without a hitch or query.

With both renewals secured, we’re proud to announce ABS has issued our “Confirmation of Type Approval” for Cygnus Hatch Sure – valid for another 5 years. Please view it via the link (on the right) in our entry in the ABS Type Approval Database: https://bit.ly/2kwAozi.

The Cygnus Hatch Sure is a lightweight and rugged Ultrasonic Hatch Leak Detector – purpose designed and entirely focused on detecting leaks around the coatings of bulk carriers. The unit is extremely simple to operate and can also be used to test water tightness of offshore safety doors.


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