Baldwin Boxall Leads The Way To Safety with VIGIL3

Voice alarm and life safety expert, Baldwin Boxall, is delighted to present its next generation EN54-certified voice alarm system, VIGIL3, at Firex 2019

by Alison Cousins | Friday 19 July 2019

Built on decades of experience, VIGIL3 is Baldwin Boxall’s most flexible, scalable and powerful system to date.

Built on a fault-tolerant Ethernet backbone that requires no Ethernet switches, VIGIL3 is entirely modular for complete scalability. Rather than a centralised voice alarm router, inputs and outputs are now delivered via modules – inputs in blocks of two or four, and outputs in blocks of eight – which can easily be distributed across a project; enabling systems to grow with customers’ needs up to a maximum of 400 inputs and 800 outputs.

The amplifier modules have also been completely revisited for even greater efficiency and performance. The new, self-powered VIGIL3 amplifier models are now an amazing 66% lighter and considerably more compact than their predecessors thanks to the use of innovative transformerless technology, and this despite the fact that they now incorporate a power supply. The smaller size and increased efficiency mean less rack space for easier, more cost-effective installation. There are five amplifier modules in the range to suit every eventuality and they are backwards-compatible with the VIGIL2 system for easy upgrade.

In addition to the input, output and amplifier modules, customers can also choose from a wide range of other modules offering connectivity to other equipment or services (GPIO, Fire panel and more) including a range of networking options including fire-rated CAT5 or CAT6, and multi- or single-mode, fire-rated fibre supporting up to 64 simultaneous live audio channels. These modules can be combined as needed depending on the requirements of the system.

Configuration and control couldn’t be easier thanks to Baldwin Boxall’s VIGIL3 large format touch screen which enables multi-layer graphical control without the need for a PC. It’s completely configurable by the customer with absolutely no programming required and provides single-point access for operation, configuration, monitoring and reporting.

In short, VIGIL3 is suitable for any size system, from a single, simple rack up to large, complex configurations with hundreds of inputs and outputs. It supports all Baldwin Boxall amplifiers and speaker line solutions, and is compatible with all Baldwin Boxall interface modules.

“We’re extremely proud of VIGIL3,” says Sales and Marketing Director, Nick Baldwin. “Our next-generation technology makes it a better, more flexible solution at every level. VIGIL3 is more compact, easier to install, yet more powerful and more customisable than ever. We believe it to be the most advanced voice alarm system on the market today.”


Nick Baldwin
Baldwin Boxall Communications Ltd
+44 1892 664422

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