New Multi Lingual Content Is The Solution For Ervin Steel Abrasives Website

Ervin, the world’s leading steel and stainless steel shot and grit manufacturer, has added a range of exciting new features to its new website

by Chris Hutchinson - Aardvark Marketing | Friday 31 May 2019

This includes a fully interactive “Solutions Finder”, case studies and downloadable datasheets, supporting customers in metallurgy, transportation, construction, energy and machine fabrication amongst others.

The “Solutions Finder” tool presents website visitors with a shortlist of abrasive solutions based on their answers to a maximum of four questions about what they need the abrasive to do in their business. Visitors are asked to choose from a range of applications; select between a wheel or air blast operation; identify the material they are working with and the nature of that material. Once the solutions are displayed, visitors can explore each of the solutions in more detail or make changes to their answers to see a different range of solutions.

The website will offer 1 or more products and a range of recommended sizes. Technical data for each product and the selected sizes is also available on screen.

Paul Abram, Head of Technical Services for Europe who helped design the tool said “The Solutions Finder is intended to give visitors to the site a shortlist of abrasive solutions. From this list, our experienced technical sales team can visit site, and work with them to find the absolute best match to their business requirements.”

Specific product information is available for the whole range of abrasives, and also in relation to specific industrial applications, such as surface preparation, cleaning in foundry and forge applications, peening, and stone cutting amongst others. All this is backed up by the case studies section which showcases real examples of customers who have switched to using Ervin abrasives and the outstanding improvements in productivity and/or cost efficiency they have achieved. The case studies cover a range of industries, applications and Ervin products.

Each of the case studies, datasheets, the Solutions Finder and indeed every page of the website has been translated into 8 European languages – French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish and Russian to support the sales team. The Amasteel range of abrasive shot and grit, made in both Tipton, West Midlands, and Germany is sold across virtually every country in Europe along with the Stainless steel abrasives manufactured in Germany. Ervin understands the need to provide local expertise, and language should be no barrier to this.

“Initial reaction to the website from customers all over Europe has been very positive” commented Paul Abram. “While it is never possible to answer every question, our new website is doing a great job of giving visitors a clear idea of what we do, and more importantly what we can do for their business. We have seen a significant increase in enquiries since the website went live, and look forward to seeing continued growth in sales of Ervin abrasive both here in the UK and across Europe.”


Paul Abram
Ervin Amasteel
+44 121 522 2777

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