Success For Landia At Water Equipment Show

Since making its debut at the Water Equipment Show last year, long-established pump and mixer manufacturer Landia has won important new orders for its GasMix sludge digester mixing system

by Paul Davies | Monday 18 February 2019

Water companies in Scotland, Yorkshire, Jersey and Ireland are among those who have invested in GasMix, which due to its highly efficient mixing design, helps produce more methane – and faster than other systems.

With no moving parts inside the tank, Landia’s externally mounted GasMix is very easy to maintain – with no need to disrupt biogas production by having to empty the contents of the digester.

Further benefits include no working at height and no requirement for breathing apparatus during servicing.

Landia’s Paul Davies commented: “Our increasing number of GasMix customers understand that with a high temperature feed to the digesters, good mixing ensures that everything is distributed properly. Many digesters run on just 2 to 2.5-percent solids, but with a simple retrofit to GasMix, which we can carry out on steel or concrete tanks – without major disruption – an increase to 4 percent will see an immediate pay off.”


Paul Davies
Landia UK Ltd
+44 1948 661200

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