Filon Delivers Daylight To LIDL Distribution Centre

Over 2600 linear metres of Filon’s Monarch F GRP barrel vault rooflights were installed during the refurbishment of this major distribution hub in Belvedere, Kent

by Mark Wilcox | Sunday 20 January 2019

LIDL Distribution Centre
Staffordshire-based Ascot Property Maintenance Ltd, installed over 2600 linear metres of Filon’s Monarch F 1200mm wide triple skin barrel vault rooflights at this regional Distribution Centre serving South-East England.

The installation was part of a major refurbishment in which Ascot Property Maintenance also replaced over 10,000m2 of the aluminium roof.

The rooflights were specified with a CEDR24E outer skin. This is a double reinforced translucent GRP sheet nominally 2.4kg/m2 providing excellent strength characteristics. When tested in accordance with non-fragility drop test ACR[M]001:2014 it provides a class B non-fragility rating for an expected period of 25 years.

The triple skin construction of these rooflights provides a U value of 1.7 W/m2K – meeting the stringent thermal performance requirements for the building.
On one section of the roof the barrel vaults were supplied in opaque grey GRP, with a white internal finish, to maintain the correct conditions for ambient storage of chocolate products.

The longest rooflights installed on this huge curved roof are over 118m long: among the longest uninterrupted runs ever supplied by Filon Products.

Darren Fletcher of Ascot Property Maintenance said: “We have a long and successful relationship with Filon, having installed their rooflights and sheets on all kinds of buildings, including other LIDL distribution centres.”


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