QED Forms Strategic Partnership With Siegrist GmbH

Leading manufacturer of environmental monitoring and remediation equipment, QED Environmental Systems has recently announced a strategic partnership with Germany based, Siegrist GmbH

by Aamina Mohamed | Thursday 10 January 2019

Environmental Monitoring and Remediation
Siegrist is a long-established company from Karlsruhe, Germany, that has been providing advanced gas measuring technology and environmental engineering to a global market place for over 30 years.

The company has been designing and distributing measuring devices for toxic gases, radioactive, explosive and hazardous materials, for work place monitoring, process analytics and civil protection under the motto 'Sign of Safety'.

Through the years, Siegrist has gained considerable reputation for its high-tech environmental monitoring and measuring technologies and solutions. Its expertise in the design and distribution of products within the areas of anaerobic digestion, landfill and biogas in particular, will facilitate QED's long-term vision of serving a global market place.

"Our partnership with Siegrist brings together two market leaders in our respective fields. With shared objectives and complementary competencies, we will be able to provide our customers with the best and will offer the market a unique blend of proficiency and advanced products unlike any other," said Paul Gooch, Global Sales and Marketing Director at QED.

In addition to its wide range of environmental monitoring and remediation equipment, QED also recently added Geotech - a global leader in gas analysis technology - into its product portfolio. Geotech gas analysers are used in a wide range of industries worldwide, including those in the landfill and biogas sectors.

Siegrist's specialist knowledge in this area of environmental applications, together with QED's fantastic portfolio of products will work well to provide the industry with innovative products and solutions.

Gooch added: "The global biogas market has grown exponentially in recent years and is definitely an important part of the future hybrid energy system. I strongly believe that our partnership with Siegrist will help us grow and continue to innovate products and we look forward to the exciting opportunities over the next few years."

QED's partnership with Siegrist comes subsequent to the end of a 26-year long alliance with Gasmet Technologies GmbH. Gasmet recently acquired Ansyco in 2013 and completed the acquisition process in October 2018. Following this process, Gasmet Technologies GmbH made the strategic decision to move away from the markets that core QED products, including those within its Geotech range, are aimed at.


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