Incinerator Manufacturer Addfield Receive Highly Prestigious Board Of Trade Award

Achieving further recognition for continuing international success Managing Director Steve Lloyd joined a select number of innovative UK companies to receive their latest business award

by Ian Gilbert | Friday 7 September 2018

Steve Lloyd receiving Award from Dr Liam Fox
Presented by the Secretary of State for International Trade Dr Liam Fox MP after having been awarded the highly respected Department for International Trade, ‘Board of Trade’ award. A highly prestigious accolade, which is a genuine honour to receive.

These awards are issued to businesses as a result of delivering outstanding activities on the global marketplace. Following a tremendous year of UK and International orders received. Addfield were nominated independently by the Department of International Trade and have won the award after suitably impressing the judging panel through their ongoing and significant contribution to security and stability in the UK and / or abroad, through trade and investments across their range of medical incinerators.

Recognising the continued growth and innovation in the field of medical incineration of which Addfield are continuing to lead through increasing orders supplying many of the worlds leading aid agencies and government bodies internationally.

“It is a real honour to have been issued this award. The past few years have seen us undergo dramatic growth based upon our expanding international reputation. Alongside the tireless hard work of the entire team at Addfield, we are proud to have seen the environmental impact that the installation of our machines has had on the communities in which they have been installed. The fact that we are continuing to receive growing numbers of repeat orders is a testament to the quality of the machines which reinforces the Addfield adage ‘Simply Built Better’” - Steve Lloyd Managing Director.

“My international economic department is delighted to have awarded Addfield Environmental a Board of Trade Award, recognising its exporting success. Its exceptional home-grown innovation is helping solve the problem of medical waste in markets as diverse as Mexico and Togo. The Board of Trade Awards highlight businesses that deserve special recognition for their role within their communities, showcasing successes in trade and investment across the whole of the UK, from all sectors and businesses of all shapes and sizes.” - Dr Liam Fox MP International Trade Secretary.

Addfield Environmental Systems manufacture incineration and cremation solutions that are distributed worldwide. In recent years the growing global population has resulted in an increase in demand in medical incinerators to protect communities against the risks of cross contamination and viral outbreaks such as Ebola and Zika in developing countries. Providing increased biosecurity and a safe solution compared to methods previously engaged in the disposal of infectious biological, clinical and hospital waste throughout many developing countries. Supporting customers beyond the initial purchase of machines through delivering training to local engineers ensuring that not matter where in the world Addfield machines are installed there will always be an qualified engineer available.

The level of sales is a corresponding result to the years of continuous improvement and development across the range of machines available which have been proven to deliver results regularly exceeding customers initial expectations. Forging strong relationships with international distributors, organisations and consulting experts.

The Board of Trade awards were reconvened by current Secretary of State for International Trade Dr Liam Fox championing the work of business in delivering economic growth across the UK. Nominated as a result of the work that Addfield have carried out in partnership with the Department of International Trade and following their recent exemplary success during the past years in international expansion and their role in the community.

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