Security Foiling MicroPOISE Security Hologram Applicator Is 20 Years Old

When first launched in 1998, the MicroPOISE machine entered the market to address an urgent need to protect cheques in the banking sector

by Mark Filby | Saturday 21 April 2018

Internal and external fraud upon cheques and drafts was causing financial loss and negatively impacting upon the Banks reputations. Protecting data areas against alteration using the MicroPOISE, along with higher cheque printing standards, helped the banks get back control. This created both a deterrent and an early warning of tampered cheques entering the clearing systems.

Early in 2000, the MicroPOISE was further developed to add security features to plastic cards in both Secure ID and loyalty applications. The growth in plastic card use meant that demand emerged for Security Foiling engineers to develop automatic feeding to increase production output. It was important however, to retain the ability to feed single cards for high security access control applications – in particular where replacement ID cards were required quickly to maintain service delivery in Airports, Maritime ports and Utility sites.

In the last ten years, ongoing product development, fuelled by demand from the reseller network, has ensured that engineers have continually had to address demand for the machine to apply security features in Embassies, Consulates, Tax collection systems, Universities, National ID card production and more recently in high security labelling applications.

The MicroPOISE has needed to evolve in a fast-changing digital world. Recording and controlling data is crucial. Therefore, control and monitoring of the machines activity via PC connectivity both locally and remotely is now demanded by todays document issuer.

The market for ‘On Demand’ document issuing continues to evolve and so must the product range for the resellers and customers. Security Foiling and the MicroPOISE look forward to the next 20 years and the exciting challenges that it may bring.

Applying security features to documents and plastic cards since 1998:

• 2600 systems installed
• 105 countries
• Designed and built in the United Kingdom


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