Nitecrest Keeps World Connected With Telecom Cards

Nitecrest has been keeping people connected for over two decades supplying Telecom Cards to operators worldwide

by Anthony Hogan | Wednesday 1 November 2017

The Leyland based business manufacture the full spectrum of telecommunications cards including: scratch cards (standard, 2in1, 3in1, 4in1, 5in1, and 10in1), phone/calling cards, pre-paid cards, and SIM cards (standard, micro and nano). As specialists in high-speed production, Nitecrest is recognised as the largest supplier of these cards to the Telephone Card industry.

Managing Director Ronnie Hart reflects on his time with the Lancashire family business ‘In 20 years I have seen us export to over 140 countries worldwide, that’s approximately 75% of the World's countries - I’m particularly proud to say we have exported to all the nation states of Africa providing valuable communication functions for those areas’

Operating at 140,000sq ft. facility, Nitecrest produce over 5 million cards on a daily basis, with clients across industries including retail and banking. The company is widely known for its award winning gif card solution supplying to high street retailers with both online and offline gift card platforms.

Ronnie added ‘Our newest venture in the FinTech industry, Tagnitecrest has also seen us expand to manage manufacturing in South America and continental Europe, exporting products, machinery and expertise to these regions’.

Nitecrest also provides services for small and medium business with its online card ordering site Simply Plastic Cards


Ronnie Hart
Nitecrest Limired
+44 1772 431888

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