Taking Precision Measurement Of Optical Surfaces To The Next Level

Taylor Hobson recently unveiled its unique ultra low noise LuphoScan 260 HD platform for 3D form measurement of high quality optical surfaces

by Nick Maddock | Thursday 27 October 2016

The new generation instruments provide an industry first with instrument accuracy better than ±50 nm (3σ) on sample slopes up to 90°. By a significant reduction in noise and enhanced reproducibility, Taylor Hobson has addressed the rapidly advancing needs of lens designers and manufactures.

“Innovation is the heart of our business,” said Jürgen Petter, Ph.D., Business Director of Luphos, Taylor Hobson Ltd. “The introduction of the first LuphoScan system revolutionised non-contact measurement of optical surfaces. The LuphoScan 260 HD not only continues that tradition by taking measurement accuracy to the next level, but reflects the evolution of the optics industry and meets the needs of engineers and designers who rely on these instruments for the daily demands of optics manufacturing.”

Taylor Hobson products are underpinned by decades of measurement experience, ultra-precision manufacturing expertise and FEA optimised design, providing low noise and near flawless movements and measurements. The LuphoScan 260 HD takes advantage of real time temperature compensation, guaranteeing highly accurate, reproducible results. This ensures the stability and accuracy even under the most adverse environmental conditions, such as in manufacturing areas.

The LuphoScan 260 HD is ideal for applications where the highest accuracy is required and essential to the manufacturing process. This is most beneficial for surfaces with steep slopes, with varying pitch directions, and small surfaces, such as moulds for smartphone lenses. The absolute measurement capability of the MWLI® sensor technology enables LuphoScan 260 HD instruments to inspect segmented lenses, annular lenses, asphero-diffractive lenses and axicons. Software modules can also be combined in order to measure a segment of an asphero-diffractive lens with a hole in the centre. LuphoScan HD represents a new era of metrology instrument with highest level of reliability for parts with large spherical departures and with extreme shot-to-shot stability.

Launched at the Optatec show in Frankfurt, Germany, the LuphoScan HD is the industry leading measurement instrument for optics manufacturers.

Established in 1886 Taylor Hobson is the world leading manufacturer of ultra-precision measurement instruments for a wide range of markets including optics, bearings, automotive, precision manufacturing and nanotechnology research. It is part of the Ultra Precision Technologies division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than US$4 billion.


Nick Maddock
Taylor Hobson Limited
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