Mabey Bridge Supplies Six Compact 200 Bridges To Help Rescue Major Infrastructure Project In Mozambique

Construction has been completed on six new bridges in Mozambique supplied by UK manufacturer, Mabey Bridge

by Simon Quarendon | Saturday 13 February 2016

The Compact 200 bridges are helping put a major infrastructure project back on track; heavy flooding in January 2015 had washed away most of the road infrastructure - including a concrete bridge - in the Ile District, and had threatened the completion of a major road building project in the region.

The road building project, which is being carried out in the Zambezia Province in Mozambique is being funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), a governmental agency that coordinates official development assistance (ODA) on behalf the government of Japan and which is highly active in Africa.

JICA’s contractor, KONOIKE-DAIHO, turned to Mabey Bridge to help resolve the issue, and the installation of 6 Compact 200 modular bridges commenced in November last year.

The bridges are each 30.48 metres in length and comprise one lane, providing temporary relief until a more permanent structure can be built. Although temporary, they are designed to bear the weight of the major road building equipment that the contractor is bringing onto site to recommence building of the road network.

Once completed the new 225km long highway will link Ile with Cuamba.

Commenting on the support provided by his Company, Mark Wong, Mabey Bridge General Sales Manager – Asia said: “We’re exceptionally proud of the speed at which we were able to provide a response to the customer and of the support we were able to provide in helping the JICA obtain funding approval quickly. Once installed, our temporary bridges will enable a major infrastructure project to recommence. We are delighted to have been able to support a customer in this way”.


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