Greerco Colloid Mill For Optimum High Shear Mixing Results

The Greerco Colloid Mill has been designed for true versatility, eliminating the need for costly add-ons typically offered to achieve optimum process results for high shear mixing

by Neil Cathie | Thursday 24 September 2015

Vertically or horizontally mounted for batch, or continuous in-line applications, this highly effective high shear mixer empowers the user to easily make adjustments to the rotor stator gap setting to achieve the precise shear rate for the product qualities required.

Suitable for numerous applications in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Industrial and Mining sectors, for emulsification, solids incorporation, homogeneous dispersions, rapid blending and particle size reduction, this proven high shear mixer can be adjusted by just turning a hand wheel to modify the shear rate while in operation.

The first mixing zone in the mixing mechanism utilizes sharp stator teeth to mill the fluid, before fine serrations then accelerate the fluid between the ultra-smooth, hardened surfaces of the spinning rotor and stator gap. Finally, centrifugal forces impinge fluid on the stator wall for additional refinement, which can produce an emulsion with dispersed phase droplets usually 2 microns or less, with many in the submicron range.

Made with 316 stainless steel wetted parts impregnated with Stellite® for high wear resistance, the Colloid Mill has a jacketed stator housing with stainless steel connections and can be supplied with hopper and recirculation loop for batch production or customised to suit the application.


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