Applied Pumps Keep The Planes Flying

In the middle of the current cold spell, Applied Pumps were asked by a leading UK airport to come up with a portable pumping solution for de-icing aircraft

by Roy Gibson | Saturday 7 February 2015

Our custom-designed answer: A Victor gear pump mounted on to a crash frame driven by a diesel engine and fitted with quick-connect hose fittings.

The unit allows ground staff to de-ice quickly, easily and with total flexibility. The pump was assembled at our Chesterfield facility, where we are able to design and build pump sets specifically to individual customer requirements. This allows us to develop solutions for even the most difficult applications.

A key requirement for this application was a pump that was robust, portable and able to spray reasonable amounts of de-icing chemicals at high pressure.

Additionally this customer wanted to purchase a complete unit from one supplier and without the complication of having to start designing and building a solution themselves

Victor gear pumps are used by many industries for fluids which may have a large variation of viscosity. They are positive displacement, rotary, internal gear pumps. Their capacity is directly proportional to rotational speed and almost independent of pressure.

They also deliver a flow which is smooth and non-pulsating; these pumps are also fully reversible. In addition the Victor pump has a ‘back pull out’ design meaning maintenance is very much simpler than with other pump designs


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