Lesley Anne McIntosh MBE

EA Technology is delighted to celebrate the award of an MBE to their Asset Management Director, Anne McIntosh

by Alex Smith | Sunday 11 January 2015

Robert Davis, CEO at EA Technology said; “To say that we are proud of Anne would be an understatement! Her work and contribution both to our business and to the world of power engineering is recognised globally. Anne came to EA Technology in 1989 after a year with the Ministry of Defence and has been with us ever since. To see her awarded this accolade is indeed well deserved”.

Anne McIntosh leads a department of c.50 professionals; with responsibility for approximately £8.2m income per annum. She also oversees the strategic development of the Asset Management Department with EA Technology. Anne and her team work with owners and operators of electricity power networks to deliver asset management solutions across the lifecycle of their assets in order to improve the performance, reliability and safety of their networks in a cost effective manner. Anne has operated at a strategic level in the power industry for a number of years, bringing a depth of understanding of condition assessment, forensic investigations, and core capability in range of technical issues associated with asset management.

Anne has been highlighted in the press on a number of occasions and has received several accolades in her life time including ‘Women in Business’ 2011 (by Cheshire Business Awards) but as Anne herself says; “This is a wonderful surprise made more wonderful by the fact that, as yet, I have no idea who nominated me!” She continues; “Myself and my family could not be more proud though when I opened the letter, my first reaction was that someone was playing an elaborate joke on me. It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve when my husband showed me the list that he convinced me it was my name that I was looking at!”


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