New Sales Director Hits The Ground Running At ISSEE

Gareth Powell QGM, our new Sales Director has arrived at ISSEE after serving 24 years in the Armed Forces

by Nicolette Vos-Neal | Sunday 20 July 2014

Gareth is a Defence and Security professional with unique experience and knowledge of the intelligence, training, special operations and counter terrorism components of international and homeland defence.

A deep specialist, he has recently finished as UK Defences Principle Staff Officer on EOD and Search, where he was responsible for setting the standards for all EOD explosive safety and operational and training standards in the UK and overseas as well as being the focal point for international engagement and capacity building of other nations.

During his career, he has served as an EOD operator and commander across the whole spectrum of overt and covert operational roles in GB, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. A large proportion of his time served has been spent in support of Cabinet Office, Security Service and Special Forces operations. His most recent tactical involvement was during the OLYMPICS where he developed and delivered a bespoke specialist capability for this high profile event.

He has extensive technical experience in the training arena as the Senior Instructor at Kineton, where he was responsible for the course content and delivery of all Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO), Ammunition Technician (AT) and the International AT training as well as Conventional Munitions and Biological and Chemical Munitions Disposal for Defence.

ISSEE’s CEO Gordon Storey said: “This is an exciting appointment for ISSEE, Gareth’s experience and understanding of our industry allows us to develop further opportunities and relationships. His technical insight and knowledge will help assist our customers with their needs and requirements, so that ISSEE will continue to be their provider of choice.”

When asked why he chose ISSEE to pursue the next phase of his career he said,
“I wanted to be part of an internationally established company with a proven track record on delivering; a company with its very own training estate and facilities. Looking across the industry, ISSEE stood out as the company that ticked all these boxes; a company that was going somewhere. It was an easy choice.”


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