ISSEE Appoints New Explosives Instructor

Jon Clarke, better known as “BJ” in the industry, has been a qualified Improvised Explosive Devices Disposal (IEDD) team leader since 1986

by Nicolette Vos-Neal | Tuesday 8 July 2014

Jon will deliver a range of explosives related training courses and specialist advice to ISSEE customers.

Jon joined ISSEE as a Explosives’ consultant and instructor in May 2014 following 22 years in the British Army and 11 years as Deputy Senior Explosives Officer in the Metropolitan Police EOD Unit. Jon will be responsible for the delivery of IEDD and other specialist explosives courses both in the UK and abroad.

ISSEE’s CEO Gordon Storey said: “Jon brings a wide variety of skills and knowledge of all aspects of complex counter terrorism operations from ‘left of boom’ to post bomb scene management and the identification, recovery, exploitation and recording of forensic and technical data.

His experience of deploying operational EOD teams at home and overseas enables Jon to convey and share real-life situations with our students.”

Jon added: “I am very pleased to be working for a company that is expanding and looking to the future of the industry.”


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