Casella BOUNDARY Guardian Helps Contractors Go Underground In Doha

Casella has provided a number of its innovative BOUNDARY Guardian environmental monitoring units for the construction of the new Qatar underground metro system

by Neal Hill | Wednesday 25 June 2014

Casella BOUNDARY Guardian
This is a major part of Qatar’s programme of development taking place in the city of Doha on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Like many major cities, Doha has a number of local guidelines for noise and dust emissions from construction works, especially with regards to more sensitive areas around the site. Combine this with local challenges, like sand blown in from the desert during the summer months and changes in air quality from high volumes of city traffic, and the contractors needed a reliable, effective and fast system to alert them to breaches to local noise and dust regulations.

The BOUNDARY Guardian was selected as the ideal, system-engineered solution to monitor and alert site managers to excessive noise and dust levels. The BOUNDARY Guardian can be specified to include the measurement of noise, dust and also wind speed and direction or any combination of these parameters. The system is easily installed as it just needs a power source to plug into and users simply login online to monitor site conditions. The system can be used to provide necessary reports showing compliance to local guidelines and will send email and text alerts should dust and/or noise levels be breached so that immediate action can be taken. These are the components which set the BOUNDARY Guardian apart as having the adaptability and functionality required for this prestigious project in Qatar.

The Doha Green Line Underground construction is part of Qatar’s national Integrated Rail Project. The construction of the underground rail line from the Msheireb main station to the centre of Doha, Education City and the Al Rayyan Stadium, being built for a certain international football tournament in 2022. The construction is an international joint venture between the Austrian construction company PORR, with Qatari firm HBK and Saudi Arabian firm SBG.

Neal Hill, Product Line Manager of Casella notes, “We’re thrilled to be involved with such a crucial project. The contractors have to be compliant to mandatory guidelines in particular areas, so the simple design and set up of the BOUNDARY Guardian units are perfect. The units can be moved to where they’re needed without fuss and, since the BOUNDARY Guardian informs the contractors when they need to act, they don’t need to worry about monitoring.”


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