Innovation In Noise Measurement

Innovation in noise measurement: doseBadge Pulsar Model 22 Ideal system for monitoring daily personal noise exposure at work

by Pascale O'Rourke | Tuesday 11 March 2014

The Pulsar doseBadge is a tiny, compact and lightweight dosimeter which is worn on the human body, usually on the shoulder, or on a safety helmet. It measures accurately the amount of noise that the person wearing the device is exposed to during their working day.

This revolutionary personal noise dosimeter is a self-contained noise measurement device (also known as a PSEM). It has no cables, displays or controls, making it the perfect solution for noise dosimetry, because the units cannot be tampered easily with during measurements. The small device determines the typical daily exposure of an individual worker as required by Worldwide Occupational or Industrial Noise Regulations. When used with its Reader, the doseBadge can be configured to meet almost any current and planned occupational noise regulations and standards.

The Pulsar Model 22 measures and logs a full 'Time History' or 'Noise Profile'. This information allows you to determine when key noise problems occur during an employer's day. The additional 'C' weighted peak Time History allows you to fully assess risks from impulsive noise in the work environment.

Typical industries that benefit from this kind of measurement method in order to meet compliance with Safety Legislation include:Manufacturing, Construction, Chemical, Mining, Transportation, Fire and Police, Highway Maintenance, Food, Entertainment and Educational establishments.

Perfect package, ideal noise measurement solution:

Small, unobtrusive compact design, weighing only 45 grams
Rugged and designed to be used in harsh environments
No cable or display makes the unit tamperproof
Programmable to comply for most worldwide safety regulations
Infra-red communication between the Pulsar badge and reader with integral acoustic calibrator
Supplied with dBLink3 analysis and reporting software

The Pulsar Reader Unit controls the doseBadge to program, calibrate, start-stop, download and store measurements.

All key measurement parameters can be viewed on the large clear backlit screen of the Reader Unit, which also displays a time history graph of worker's daily noise exposure.

Downloading Noise Exposure Levels onto a PC
The Model 22 is supplied as standard with the dBLink3 software package.
This easy to use Windows software features an integrated step by step wizard, which guides the user through the setup and download procedures.
Using the dBLink software, the operator can to quickly analyse and transform the raw data into informative report formats, simplifying a potentially complex and time consuming process.

3 pre-formatted report types are provided to present the measurement data. These reports can be printed or exported into Microsoft Word, Excel or Adobe PDF formats.

Model 22 doseBadge personal noise exposure system can be purchased as a 1, 2, 5 or 10 doseBadge kit. Additional doseBadges can be purchased individually although one Reader will suffice for all options. Cables, Batteries, Calibration certificates and warranty come as standard as part of any measurement kit orders.

If you are looking for an accurate and reliable system to monitor personal noise exposure at work, look no further than the Pulsar Model 22.


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