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Feedwater Limited announces new water treatment shop to revolutionise the water treatment industry

by Ben Parkinson | Wednesday 26 February 2014

With the new water treatment shop customers will have the ability to click and pay in order to purchase a multitude of water treatment chemicals, equipment and laboratory testing services. The concept of buying your water treatment products online without any prior screening or hoops to jump through is entirely new!

Feedwater found that the few existing so called ‘water treatment shops’ do not allow for the typical ecommerce journey of choose, pay and receive, they typically stand in the way of the transaction until they are satisfied you are the type of customer they want. So it could be days before you can even see the price of the chemical you want to purchase!

Feedwater have decided to put the customer first in this regard do not hide prices or screen customers before allowing them to purchase, with that in mind Feedwater will still maintain the right to refuse and refund orders where there is good reason. The roll out of the shop service will for the time being focus on allowing UK and Irish customers the chance to easily acquire products and services but gauging its success will look to roll out slowly to other markets.

There is of course good reason why water treatment chemical manufacturers don’t tend to sell their chemicals with no regard to whose purchasing them, incorrect use and competitor spying can cause headaches that just aren’t worth going through. With this in mind Feedwater has carefully chosen the products and services they wish to make available online for purchase in the shop.

Products available will include the likes of packaged laboratory testing services such as legionella analysis, the benefit being the customer simply needs to order the package take delivery and follow the instructions to fill a sample bottle send the samples back by the included return envelope an wait to be emailed the results and any advice given. It couldn’t be simpler and this service will be available for a number of microbiological and chemistry tests.

Ben Parkinson who works in marketing for Feedwater had this to say “As a customer orientated firm it is our duty to champion products and services which make the lives of our customers easier while attracting new clients helping to support the growth of the company. By offering an online shop service in this way we aim to bring water treatment into the 21st century, besides who would buy from Amazon if you had to email them for their price list and when clicking buy all you were really doing was registering interest in a product? No you would move along and find an online retailer who you could complete the transaction with right there and then.”

For further information and to see the water treatment shop for yourself you can simply follow the link, no hoops, no fences just straight forward solutions.


Ben Parkinson
Feedwater Ltd
+44 (0) 151 606 0808

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