Broadcrown Renewable Energy Featured At The Energy Technologies Institute

On the 8th October, Broadcrown Renewable Energy participated in the ETI project showcase at the Royal Academy of Engineering, London

by Paul McShane | Wednesday 30 October 2013

Geraldine Newton-Cross, Chris Connors, Paul Winstanley
Earlier this year Broadcrown was commissioned by the ETI to design and develop a high efficiency waste to energy gasification plant. Chris Connors, Business Development Manager, presented the on-going design work to many visitors at the event.

The programme was well underway and on target for completion in February 2014. Chris presented details on the proposed site for the plant and the process flow from waste through to the electricity generated.

The project is viewed as one of the most important in the ETI’s current project portfolio and this was endorsed by the positive comments received by visitors many of whom are familiar with the project and are eagerly tracking its progress.

Visitors included members and directors of the ETI, ETI industry sponsors, Shell, Rolls Royce, representatives from many UK councils, colleges and government departments.

This showcase format was a first for the ETI and was very well received by members and visitors


Chris Connors
Broadcrown Ltd
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