A New Era Of Analogue Clocks

Time & Frequency Solutions (TFS), manufacturers of precision timing systems, have recently updated their analogue clock time display range

by Angie Tiller | Monday 21 October 2013

The new range, being re-launched as the M395 Analogue Clock Time Displays, have a much greater number of product options over the old M385 range, so customers can create application-specific solutions to their exact project specifications.

TFS’s Managing Director, Neil Pitman said, “we are really proud to offer excellent quality clocks that can be easily tailored to customers’ requirements at accessible prices”.

Choices include: single and double-sided versions, second hand or not, an impressive array of diameters from 300mm right up to 800m, NTP or serial input, AC or PoE power source, and whether you want fluorescent or LED backlight or none at all! Moreover, there are many different styles to choose from, including both contemporary and traditional models.


Tim Beck
Time & Frequency Solutions Ltd
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