UK Firm Helps Eradication Of Animal Diseases In Serbia

Continuing its export offensive, Southport based firm, Inciner8, have delivered 6 mobile incinerators that are specially designed for emergency situations, for the safe disposal of animal carcasses

by Claire Egleton | Tuesday 12 February 2013

Inciner8 mobile animal waste incinerators have been chosen as the best available incinerators for the project of combating and eradication of animal diseases in Serbia by Europe Aid on a public tender held in 2012.

Upon delivery, installation and education of local personnel, European Union delegation in Serbia organised extensive testing of equipment in real conditions, where all the characteristics and technical parameters were checked by an international team of educated professionals. Inciner8 proved again that they can proudly stand behind their products and always deliver exactly what customers expect from the company and its products.

EU delegation and Serbian Ministry of agriculture allocated incinerators to veterinary institutes in 4 different Serbian cities (Novi Sad, Beograd, Nis and Kraljevo), where Inciner8 organised education and training for local personnel in order to prepare them for a quick response in case of emergency.

As a result of this project, Europe Aid raised a level of readiness in Serbia to prevent animal disease outbreaks that could potentially affect a wide area outside of Serbia itself. As one of the world leading suppliers of waste Incinerators, Inciner8 has played an important role in this project, and has secured its position as a world leader in its branch.

The project has also been a great opportunity to make new contacts with respectable companies such as Avto-Engineering from Bulgaria, to exchange experiences and make joint plans, insuring many more success stories for both companies in the future.


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