Force And Torque Testing For The Automotive Industry

Mecmesin has announced the release of a new brochure showcasing the force and torque testing solutions the company offers automotive component suppliers and OEM vehicle manufacturers

by Jenny Montgomery | Tuesday 5 February 2013

Components failure is costly, leading to lost time during manufacture, vehicle recall or expense to the end-user for repair and replacement. Safety-critical features must never fail, so total compliance with standards is essential. The brochure demonstrates how force & torque testing is an essential requirement in the development and manufacture of automotive components and subassemblies in order to:

• Monitor consistency of components and materials performance from design to tooling to manufacture
• Evaluate supplier build quality by batch testing goods-in
• Identify component defects, enabling rapid response and production line adjustments
• Ensure compliance with stringent industry safety standards

Force & torque measurement can be used for the quality control of structural and mechanical components; safety systems; electrical and electronic components; braking, steering and suspension systems and vehicle interiors and exteriors.

Test applications covered include air bag actuator testing; car window sliding force; pull-off strength of crimp joint fasteners; seat belt webbing strength; spring testing; steering rack torque measurement; tensile strength and shear testing of PCB components; vehicle door opening/closing force and many more…

The new brochure is available by download direct from the company’s website at


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