Control Techniques Supports Contship Italia Portolab Project

Control Techniques is continuing to support Contship Italia’s ongoing Portolab project, which is designed to teach children aged between 7 and 12 about the port and container industry

by Jos Walker | Wednesday 28 November 2012

Portolab was started in 2007 and includes cooperation with over 110 institutes in Italy across all the city ports where Contship Italia holds investments. It has attracted more than 30,000 children and each year the project donates 10,000 free copies of the Contship school diary to students and schools.

Control Techniques has supported the project since it began and this year renews its endorsement to ensure its continued success.

Gianbattista Dubini, Director of Marketing for Cranes at Control Techniques, says: “Portolab is a fantastic project which allows children to directly experience all aspects of life inside a container port. As container ports are usually not open to the public this is a highly unusual opportunity for them. The port and container industry is central to the economy and it is really important that children are able to learn about it.

“I think it is fantastic that Contship Italia works so hard to support the local communities around the ports where it operates, and I am very pleased that Control Techniques is able to support the Portolab project.”

Daniele Testi, Marketing and Corporate Image Director at Contship Italia, says: “Everyone at Contship Italia is extremely proud of the Portolab project. It is really important that we do everything we can to support the communities that are based around our ports, and also that we do everything we can to educate the public about our business. Control Techniques is one of the primary sponsors of the Portolab project and I am very grateful for their continued support.”


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