Funding For Agricultural Exports To The Middle East

For all its expertise in the high technology arena, the UK has never lost its touch at being able to supply what are often seen as more basic technologies ...

by Amy Clark | Monday 5 November 2012

... but which are priced competitively and built to the high standard traditionally associated with British companies.

While the value of such orders may not be large, they still need to be funded with the same awareness of finance cost as for projects many times their size.
Trade & Export Finance recently helped one of its clients to do just that. A manufacturer of agricultural equipment selling into the Middle East, the company in question won an order worth £60K from the Gulf States. Involving equipment ranging from plant pots to garden rollers and maintenance equipment, the company acquires equipment from British-sourced materials and components – making it an increasingly valuable export business stream.

With confirmed orders from its Middle East customers, the manufacturer had to find a way of bridging the finance to source the goods. TAEFL assessed the situation and checked out the ‘assets’ involved – the costs of the new stock that would be required, the strength of the orders and the Letter of Credit (LC) which the company held from its customers’ banks in the Gulf. It brought in a specialist UK trade finance house which it felt would be well placed to finance the deal from that point and make working capital available.

In bringing what can be thought of as a ‘think outside the box’ solution to a traditional export scenario, TAEFL has supported its client in an original and cost-effective way. It has cleared the financial log jam which was preventing a manufacturer from making international sales and generating profits.


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