Purpose-Designed Fan Helps Maximise Space Heating

It is particularly effective in ensuring expensively heated air lost in the roof space is redistributed to heat those areas where it is required to achieve energy savings as high as 30%

by Paul Nash | Tuesday 7 August 2012

Air Control Industries JetFan
Called the ‘JetFan’, it is ideal for such locations as industrial factories, horticultural growing environments and live stock accommodation. It is designed to achieve effective air circulation, without creating turbulence, and can be activated by simple control devices such as pre-set thermostats for maximum efficiency at all times.

ACI’s new fan is also effective for such applications as hot spot cooling, fume extraction, cooling and de-humidifying.

The advanced design of ACI’s JetFan is based upon an aerodynamically designed cowl with integral directional fins. Its design gives a powerful jet of air stripped of vortex swirls to achieve a greater air throw across considerable distances. The air delivered as a narrow cone around which jet eddy currents are developed to give gentle air movement along the full length of the air throw.

The fan’s air flow is 6,000m3/hr and power consumption is 400W (approx). It has a tough polyethylene cowl (460mm long x 580 mm height/width) and is supplied with either with suspension chains or floor stand. Options include heating elements, speed controllers and thermostats and different power supplies.


Air Control Industries Ltd
Mathew Forknall

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