Primasonics Announce Launch Of New Range Of Sonic Sootblowers

Working in conjunction with two leading UK universities Primasonics have succeeded in designing a new cost effective, high performance & green range of Acoustic Cleaners.

by Heather Massey | Thursday 9 February 2012

Quattro Range of Sonic Sootblowers
Sonic Soot Blowers are an innovative alternative to traditional steam soot blowers which can be expensive to purchase, install, operate & maintain. Fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel & fitted with a new design of wave generator the Quattro Range ensures maximum cleaning performance over a wide range of plant applications.

The Quattro Range of Sonic Soot Blowers eliminates particulate build up problems throughout key plant sectors. Aimed at the multi horn installations associated with the Power Generation, ESP’s, Boilers (power generation, industrial & marine) & Baghouse applications Sonic Soot Blowers:-

• Prevent ash build up
• Provide 360° total tube cleaning
• No risk of tube erosion or corrosion
• No damage to integral structure of boiler or other plant structures
• Significantly reduce the risk of soot fires
• Prevent internal damage to ESP’s caused by mechanical rapping
• Significantly increase filter bag life & eliminate hopper blockage
• Require minimal maintenance

Sonic Soot Blowing encompasses the realm of sound transmission through particulate & solids. It is best described as the creation of rapid pressure fluctuations which, are transmitted into the particulate or "bonded" dry material causing the solid particles to resonate & dislodge from the surface they are deposited on or bonded to, without causing any structural damage to the plant. Once dislodged, the materials fall, either due to gravity or are carried away by the gas or air stream within the process.

The powerful sound waves are produced when the short bursts of standard plant compressed air enters the Sonic Soot Blower’s wave generator & forces the only moving part, an aerospace grade titanium diaphragm to flex creating the powerful "base" sound wave. This "base" tone is then transmitted by a range of different horn sections into selected fundamental frequencies between 60 - 350Hz. A periodic "sounding" typically 5 to 10 seconds every 2 - 30 minutes is all that is required.

Primasonics have a comprehensive range of Acoustic Cleaners & undertake detailed evaluations to identify the correct model for each customer’s individual requirement & application.


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